The Benefits and Limitations of Telemedicine

Technology plays a vital role in the medical world as it paves the way for numerous advancements. One of these advancements is telemedicine which gives people access to medical services or information over the internet.

Though telemedicine is not new, modern technology has shaped it into a tool that allows patients and medical professionals to exchange information easily.

However, telemedicine also has its limitations. That’s why today we’re looking at the limitations and benefits of online healthcare services.

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Benefit: Lower Costs

One of the biggest advancements of telemedicine is that it enables you to access healthcare professionals and specialists at a lower cost. That’s because those who choose telemedicine cut down on their commute costs. This way, they save money on gas and secondary expenses.

Limit: Availability

Though telemedicine saves money in the long run, it’s not easy for everyone to access these services. Moreover, smaller healthcare facilities might not provide telemedicine services.

Benefit: Gives Access to People in Rural Areas

Patients in rural areas can reap the benefits of telemedicine as it provides both primary care and specialty consultative care. In addition, thanks to video calls, they can get more clinical information beyond what phone calls can provide.

Limit: Limited One-on-One Communication

Some people prefer a face-to-face connection when seeking medical care. However, telemedicine doesn’t always provide that connection. So, you might not always get the chance to explain your symptoms to your telemedicine doctor easily.

Benefit: You Can Get Access to Specialty Care

The healthcare system in America has many problems. Many people don’t get access to specialists because their insurance doesn’t cover it. However, telemedicine is beneficial for both primary care and specialty care.

Telemedicine enables patients to access specialists in endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, hematology, surgical care management, and more.

Limits: Technological Divide

Some people have limited access to technological tools that might help them use telemedicine. For example, their Internet access might be limited to a public location, or they might not have a strong internet connection.

Moreover, older people aren’t that tech-savvy and this might stop them from accessing telemedicine services.

Benefit: Improved Access to Care for People with Limited Mobility

Telemedicine is perfect for those living with limited mobility, like older people, people with disabilities, and those with autoimmune diseases. That’s because it makes it easier for them to see a healthcare specialist without putting themselves in danger or inconvenience. Moreover, it’s also a great option for people who are incarcerated or geographically isolated.

While most technological advancements have benefits as well as limitations, telemedicine benefits outweigh its limitations.

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