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Medication Refills

Easily Refill Your Daily Prescription Anytime

Why Choose FastDocNow

If you take medications every day, need help fast for common conditions, or don’t have the time to sit in a waiting room – now you don’t have to worry about your prescriptions. FastDocNow makes it quick and easy to refill your prescriptions anytime that’s convenient for you – all from your phone or computer. Our online medication refills can help you place an order at the comfort of your home.

The FastDocNow team is committed to simplifying the prescription refill process by offering online refill prescriptions services. Today, you can do just about anything online, and with the help of our healthcare providers, that includes keeping your prescription refills up to date. We know how stressful fitting everything into your busy schedule can be, but you can rest assured we make consulting with medical professionals and getting prescriptions refilled quick and easy.

What Medications do We Prescribe?

Just like visiting a doctor in an office setting, our online consultations allow you to review your current medications and get refills. Refills are valid for prescription medications that have been filled by your chosen pharmacy in the last six months. If your prescription qualifies, choose one of the options below to start refilling your prescription now.

You can be approved for up to 90 day supply on each medication.

We do not prescribe or refill controlled substances such as Tramadol, hydrocodone and lorazepam.

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