What It Is

Syphilis is a multi-stage sexually transmitted disease. There are three stages to it, with the first stage, presenting as painless ulcers on the mouth or genitals. The second stage, is where syphilis develops into a rash or more ulcers and sores which are found on the bottms of your feet or palms. The third stage may take several years to develop, and present years after the condition is contracted, but tends to be damaging to health. It requires immediate intervention and treatment.

While testing is not a prerequisite to treatment, it is recommended that patients get tested in order to check for effectiveness of the treatment. We ensure confidentiality for all our consultation and treatment services.

Our Treatment

Typical Treatments Include

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  • Penicillin
  • Azithromycin (Zpak) – for those with Penicillin allergy
  • Doxycycline