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Imagine if someone was having a heart attack or stroke—and they simply couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

Even ICU-delays lead to higher rates of mortality, because time is critical in medical care, especially when it comes to certain conditions.

Time-Critical Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions are highly time-sensitive and need to be addressed as soon as possible by a medical professional. A delay in addressing these conditions can lead to long-term disability or worse. The ideal solution is getting the patient to a medic as soon as possible, or following their guidelines until they’re available. Conditions of particular importance are:

Heart Attack

 the anatomy of a heart

A heart attack is basically a blocked artery—which needs to be opened and the damage needs to be reduced. Furthermore, this needs to be done as soon as possible. If the attack is treated within two hours of the first appearance of its symptoms, the patient still has a chance. The longer you wait, the more your heart is damaged, and the lesser your chances of surviving.


Strokes require clot-busting drugs and quick treatment—preferably within an hour of the appearance of the symptoms. When someone has a stroke, their brain is directly affected: it’s either swollen, or full of toxins, or hasn’t been receiving enough circulation. Prompt treatment ensures fewer cells are damaged before they can begin repairing themselves.

Difficulty in Breathing

Whether due to another pre-existing condition, drowning, or some accident, difficulty in breathing is a mean feat that can easily develop into bigger problems if not treated immediately. You might even need to give the patient CPR, but that isn’t always the solution.


Children—and even adults—can end up choking on their food, which sounds like an innocent enough condition until you realize it can kill a person by blocking their oxygen supply. People can even die by choking on their own vomit during sleep—which is why prompt treatment is so critical.


It could be because someone was bitten by a poisonous snake, cone snail, or box jellyfish—or it could be because of something off in something someone ate. Whatever the cause, poisoning is a condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more time the poison has to spread around the body. You want to check its spread in the initial phases, especially before it manages to reach any vital organs.

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