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You must have heard them all by now: drink water, take precautions, wear masks, wash your hands for twenty seconds. But as professionals, we feel the need to go into more detail regarding what habits you need to take up in these perilous times.


Sure, you can’t hit the gym every day, but you do have the resources at home to take up some kind of exercise. Exercising will give you a much-needed physical boost, since staying at home for eight months has probably rendered your muscles tender. You need to keep them active. Once you start working out, you’ll sweat out any harmful toxins that you have accumulated inside your body—it’s like a detoxifying aide.


a person sleeps

A lack of sleep can give you a lot more than vampire eyes. It’s easy to lose track of a timetable when you don’t have to wake up for work every day at a fixed time, but we’d suggest you stick to it. Make sure you’re getting your 6 hours’ worth of beauty sleep every day. Your body needs to heal from the work it did all day—and just because you’ve been home doesn’t mean your cells suddenly don’t need time off every day.

Eat Healthy

Many people contracted started binging on food during the pandemic. After all, being cooped up inside your home all year with little to nothing in way of socialization is bound to have its effects.

You need to rage against that appetite. Once you give in to addiction—any addiction—it’s very difficult to turn back. Binge-eating and other additions (smoking is another popular one) will only wreak havoc on your health in the long term.

Don’t Listen to Rumors

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, you want your immune system to function at full capacity.  Stress won’t allow that to happen because it weakens the immune system. Listening to ridiculous rumors (such as someone planning to implant microchips in people or that the government is lying about the numbers) will give you stress—which kind of defeats the point.

Additionally, worrying about the pandemic in general is enough to give you stress and anxiety, which will have an adverse effect on your health—something you don’t want in these times. Focus on keeping yourself calm and don’t pay heed to street-side tosh you hear every day.

Keep in Touch with a Doctor

Stay connected with a medical professional. An online resource like Fast Doc Now and an internet connection are all you need. Here’s how it works.

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